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International Students Scholarship CityU offers merit scholarships to first-time CityU International Students who have achieved an outstanding academic record within their last school year. Presidential Merit and Academic Achievement Scholarships President’s Merit Award Scholarship: A $5,000 scholarship disbursed evenly during the first three quarters of enrollment in the student’s selected academic program. Academic Achievement Scholarship: A $2,000 scholarship, disbursed evenly during the first three quarters of enrollment in the student’s selected academic program. Qualifications In order to apply for one of these scholarships, you must be a: First-time applicant to CityU and submit a Financial Declaration Form to the International Student Office, selecting the appropriate scholarship option F-1 Visa holder in the Seattle area An active I-20 holder If you are selected you must maintain full-time enrollment and begin your studies at CityU within one quarter of the award letter. Students who start in the ELP Program must be continuously enrolled in the program, except for approved vacation quarters, and the award will be applied once the student enrolls in degree program classes. Awards will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis by acceptance letter issuance date, until available funds have been awarded. Scholarships can only be used for tuition. Applications must be received by the International Student Office no later than the deadlines below: Summer Quarter Attendance: June 1 Fall Quarter Attendance: September 1 Winter Quarter Attendance: December 1 Spring Quarter Attendance: March 1 International Student Economic Hardship Scholarship CityU offers 12 tuition scholarships each year. The amount for each is $3,000, and this is only available to current CityU international students who have successfully completed a minimum of three consecutive quarters of full-time study in a Bachelor or Master’s degree program at CityU (ESL students do not qualify). Three (3) quarters of completed passing grades on your CityU transcript is also required. Scholarships in this category are awarded to applicants that demonstrate an economic hardship outside of their immediate control. This scholarship can only be awarded once to an individual. To apply for the International Student Economic Hardship Scholarship, please use the Economic Hardship Scholarship Application.


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